Simple Gifts E.P - Jennifer Coleman Soprano (.mp3)

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Hello! I'm Jennifer, nice to meet you :)

I want to share with you some music...

First of all, thanks for even being here.

I am a soprano who self-released my debut EP 'Simple Gifts' accompanied by Leos String Quartet! YAY!

I have decided to sell my music on a “pay what you want” philosophy. If you aren’t too sure about classical music this gives you the option to “try before you buy.” If you don’t have money you can download it for free, but I ask that you share my music with your friends in return. If you like it you can always come back at another time when you are able to.

And if you are more financially free, you can use this as an opportunity to support my art, and allow access to other listeners through your generosity.

All of the profits will go towards my tuition fees for studying at The Royal College of Music, London.

I believe that classical music should be accessible to everyone. My mission is “to share a piece of my heart with as many people as possible through the medium of song”. I encourage audiences to share my songs; introducing new listeners to classical music. 

Once you have downloaded my songs, SHARE, TWEET, BLOG, GIVE. Send with it my message of music for everyone. 

Peace, Love and Music,


tweet: @Jenny_Coleman 

P.S. - Whats included?

SIMPLE GIFTS E.P (.mp3 format)

1. Mozart: Laudate Dominum

2. Traditional: Simple Gifts

3. Schubert: Ave Maria

4. Bizet: Habanera

5. Puccini: O mio babbino caro

6. Mozart: Alleluia

+ >>> Album notes with a little information about each of the songs and lyrics/translations to help you understand them better.

+>>> A 1400x1400 pixel file of the album artwork

+ >>> A thank you letter from me to you.


Jennifer Coleman, Leos Strings, Caroline Pether, Simran Singh, Rhiannon James, Rachel Shakespeare, Prof. Joel Jacklich, Lethal Music, Tim A. Duncan, Alt Studios, Simon Hunt, Darren Rowe, DMS Ltd

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

Copyright © 2014 Jennifer Coleman | All Rights Reserved

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Simple Gifts E.P - Jennifer Coleman Soprano (.mp3)

0 ratings
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